Jiang Sudong Fang Rui ji energy equipment co., LTD., founded in2003Years2Month,Is the listed companies——Zhenjiang Dongfang Electric Heating Technology Co., Ltd(Stock code:300217)A wholly owned subsidiary,With the registered capital6One hundred million yuan。After more than ten years development,Company has become a technology as the core of all kinds of special chemical process equipment, oil and gas resources development of integrated solution provider,Is a collection research and development、Design、Technical consultation、Engineering contracting、Equipment manufacturing、Engineering construction and service of high-tech enterprises,Can provide customers with technology of non-standard special process equipment、Oil and gas technology and equipment、Engineering contracting and professional technical support services。Our main products are polycrystalline silicon reduction system and the evaluation of the silicon devices、Polycrystalline silicon reduction module、High-performance electric heating and heat exchange equipment and so on special chemical process equipment and Marine and terrestrial oil and gas system device and functional modules、Crude oil processing equipment、Natural gas processing and purification system、Drilling and production of sewage treatment equipment, and other process and utility systems such as oil and gas technology and equipment。

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